In The Shade Of A Leaf

Film Name – Orilathanalil (In the shade of a leaf)

Name of Production – Sahasrara Cinemas

Name of Producer – Sandeep R

Direction – Asok R. Nath

Story and Screen Play – Sreedharan

Cast – Sreedharan, KainakariThankaraj, Shylaja P Ambu, Arun, Veronica, Medeiros, Dr Asif Sha, Madhubalan, Sabu Proudeen, Praveen Kumar, Saji Puthoor, Abhilash, Biju, Madhu Munshi, Suresh Mitra, Manoj Pattom, Gini Premraj, ArackalBabychayan, Ambili, JiniSudhakaran

Year – 2020 Runtime – 92 Minutes Genre – Drama Language – Malayalam

Synopsis – IN THE SHADE OF A LEAF evolves around Achuthan whose palms were lost in a freak accident. Achuthan starts designing farm tools customized for his palm-less hands and starts working relentlessly to learn, understand and enhance nature. His love for nature was eccentric and not accepted well by the village folks. Slowely he developed several enemies in the village.

Achuthan’s life suddenly had a twist when a Brazilian scientist, Veronica finds out that he had created an ecosystem that wasn’t conducive to a raid by the locusts. The publication of the research makes Achuthan a hero overnight.

His enemies set fire on his farm house and storage house when he was away at hospital with his wife who became pregnant again. Although shocked by the incident, Achuthan decides to show the world that his willpower cannot be destroyed. The narrative ends with Achuthan showing the world again how to deal with adversity in tune with nature.