About The Festival

Sahasrara International Film Festival (SIFF) is organized to identify and promote international talents in filmmaking. The art of filmmaking undergoes drastic changes in terms of artistic, technological and social developments around the world. SIFF is an opportunity for filmmakers from all over the world to understand, analyze and improvise the new changes in filmmaking. Planned to be one of the largest and most sought-after film festivals in the world, SIFF will be a cherishable memory for film fraternity around the globe. Sahasrara International Film Festival will be conducted on the first of December every year at the picturesque and adorable city of Trivandrum in Kerala. Almost at the southern tip of Asian subcontinent, and being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, Trivandrum sets the right arena for SIFF. SIFF welcomes film makers, artists and technical crew, journalists and all those associated with film industry and film making to come and participate in this festival.